EWCS GP-Schrick 2017

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To all clay target shooters

Franz Schütz Memorial
Grand Prix Schrick FITASC Sporting

July 22th – 23th 2017

The event is an open championship
but limited to 120 shooters.

Only online registration from April 1st at:


registration only valid with payment receipt
on below mentioned account (no cash payment!).
Start permission ranking by date of payment.

Bank transfer to Raiffeisenkasse Mistelbach,
IBAN: AT29 3250 1000 0070 1276

In case of deregistration latest one week before
the competition entry fee will be refunded.
Starting place will be passed to the next shooter on waiting list.






Team score:

Entry fee:


Protest fee:

Registration stop:

General Information:

Friday, July 21th 2017, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
6.30 p. m. publication of start numbers

Saturday, July 22th 2017, start approx. 8.30 a.m.
Sunday, July 23th 2017, start approx. 8.30 a.m.

200 targets in all classes, two lines, FITASC rules
In case of equal scores, there will be a shoot-off for
those placed first, second and third.

Juniors, Ladies, Seniors, Veterans and Superveterans
At each class at least three shooters have to finish the
competition otherwise shooters will be classified
in senior class.

Teams consist of 3 shooters.
They may belong to different classes.

EUR 150,00
Juniors EUR 75,00
Teams EUR 30,00

Medals and prizes for all classes.

EUR 150,00
(becomes forfeited, if protest is dismissed)

with registration of 120 shooters

With payment of starting fee you will accept
rules and standards of EWCS.

The final ceremony will take place immediatly after competition.
Changes in program on consultation with the jury.

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